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Pink and Blue Butterfly Tattoo Cat Ear Beret
  • Pink and Blue Butterfly Tattoo Cat Ear Beret


    Its always a good time to have fun with your fashion! This is the perfect way to dress up in colder weather. This beanie was created to look like the  cat ears are ripping out through the top of the fabric. The ears are filled with glitter and have a high gloss finish. 

    The back features metallic butterflies. 

    Please note, the tips of the cat ears are slighly clear. 


    The ears are mounted onto a black beret. Size small/Medium.


    No changes can be made to this beret. It is finished and ready to ship. 


    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water only. Air Dry. Lay flat to dry. I you have a fan put this in front of it for a quicker dry. Do not put in the dryer machine. 


    The ears are made from scratch in house. From original sculpt, mold making, and casting, we pride ourselves in bringing you original pieces. Thank you for supporting small business. 


    Looking for a custom order? Message me to start a conversation about your request. 



    • Materials

      40% wool 40% acrylic 20% nylon. Resin Horns

    • Texture

      The Cap is soft with ridges. Feel cotton like. The horns have a smooth finish. Some small bumps may be present. 

    • Smell

      Rubbery. Once the cap can air out after delivery or be hand washed the production smell will fade. Smell is due to finishes, adhesive, and resin.