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Thank you, to all the wonderful people who have helped me create my art! I continue to be inspired by your kindness. Your team work makes this all possible. Please check out these amazing talented humans below. 




Britany Finnegan

Maurissa Rojas

Jes Street                                         

Rebecca Seraphin

Brenna Lindsey

Jayne Doe

Shannon Lee

Sean Lee

Max Rosen A

Angejolie Belle 

Ingrid Brevick

Jacquelynn Rose Doll

Richie V. Survi

Mio Hikaru

Ande Brown

Laura Janssen

Alissa Schneider

Keira Christman

Brandon Rodriquez

Allison Roach

Andreina Vasquez

Venus Envy

Kiara Guzman

Izabel Sophia

Patrice Chupany

Phoenix Ledbetter

Jake Welch

Erica Comberry

Rachele Rees

Norman Casiano-Mojica

Michael Gonzalez

Matryx Mercy

Apollo Infiniti

Brenna Lyndsey

Hair Stylist:

Nicole Shaul

Rebekah Futrell Puroll

Fidel Gomez Jr.

Rebecca Seraphin

Makeup Artist:

Matthew Cooley

Angela Pugliese

Fidel Gomez Jr. 

Jacquelyn Rose Doll



Kirk Jordan-PositiveProofPhotography

Will Matias- SaitamPhotography

Edward Lian

Nickolas Wolf

Nikki Namdar

Taylor Callahan

Brion Price

Max Power

Nick Anderson

Crew/Back stage support:

Lacey Medley

Brin Jones

Michelle Gonzalez

Christopher Golden


Honorable mentions:

Candice Chist-Host/Model

Andy Dovilas-Humanitarian

Starr Silara-Body Paint Artist 

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