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 This collection was created for Orlando International Fashion Week 2016 Pulse Benefit Fashion Event. In an effort to honor the lives of the victims from the Pulse Night Club shooting, designer Loritza Castillo created looks that represented the memorials created by the people of Orlando and from around the world. Creating looks that closely reflected the memorials aesthetic was key in the design process in order to preserve the sentiment and true nature behind the care it took to create the banners, flags, wreaths, etc . The collection took another level of meaning and intensity when it was revealed that the models would be the survivors, friends, and family.  They would be figuratively  wearing the condolences and sentiment for their  loved ones. The collection was intended for healing and it did just that.  The night was  filled with a sense of unity and remembrance of those taken from this world. Fashion played its part to help cross emotional barriers that night and the message was clear that no matter what, art will thrive, those hurt will walk with their heads held high, and that love is love, is love, is love, IS LOVE!

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