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Alienphant is a fashion brand that provides visual entertainment, as well as, wardrobe management, and custom costume pieces for the film industry, the entertainment industry, public and private clients. Driven by the creative professional, Loritza Castillo, Alienphant features fashion technology and L.E.D.  wearables. Alienphant is not dominated by one genre, but rather embraces the idea of gathering influence from various trends and fashion staples to create something new that is a mix of rave, goth, pop, lolita, kawaii culture, and punk. Nothing is off limits.



Loritza Castillo has taken Alienphant on tour to various cities in America, selling her designs to the masses at conventions from Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Miami for over a decade starting in 2007. Her use of bright neon colors and vibrant youthful design lead to a role as the visual entertainment for the official Sunscreen Film Festival after party 3 years in a row, beginning in 2013. Alienphant quickly made its way to the runway for Orlando International Fashion Week 2014 and then to the film screen with work in The Proteus Logs and tv series Transcend. Currently offers custom made L.E.D.  wearables to the public and wardrobe management to filmmakers and production houses. Her seamstress and wardrobe work has created job opportunity with clientel such as Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, and Ariana Grande.



Loritza Castillo will be showcasing her “Out Of This World Fashion” at the Reel Haute Couture Event during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.  L.E.D. Fashion and new innovations in fabric technology will be featured at this presentation inspired by nature, mathematics, and the beauty of humanity.  



To create and manage wardrobe that is  designed and curated with the intent to provide the user with innovative fashion, both in functionality and aesthetic appeal.



Every idea will be heard. Every person within my team or collaborative force will have the opportunity to share concepts, inspirations, processes and, feedback. Teamwork is essential to growth and the seed  of innovation will never be diminished.

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